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About Us

We are an international level English Language Institute with certified and experienced educators to help our students achieve command over the English Language. We are an institute with big ideas and do not set limits on what our students and staff can achieve.

At LEXIS ENGLISH INSTITUTE, we aim to prepare students and to succeed in achieving their learning goals and potential by providing an excellent learning experience.

We love learning from each other and, we are passionate about teaching and we are here to inspire you.

We are a British counsel certified institute located in the center of provincial capital of Punjab, Lahore. Our state-of-the-art campus is easily assessable through public and local transport. All of our classrooms are centrally heated and colling units are installed to keep learning environment comfortable for our students.

We believe in bringing change in nonproductive conventional teaching methods, our research team continuously work to produce a teaching resource material that fits each individual’s needs. We have strict policy to provide best possible faculty to our students, this guarantees best results in their education with us. Studying in LEXIS ENGLISH INSTITUTE will be a life changing experience for students in quest of excellence.

Keeping in view our aims and vision, we are very much sure that we shall be one of the biggest English training providers in Pakistan by the end of year 2023. We are working hard to achieve our goals and we consider ourselves lucky that we have developed a great team of teachers, management staff and researchers that no one else has in Pakistan.